Museums that stick to a particular artistic style

    I think something that makes modern art museums stand out compared to other museums and keep visitors coming is to have a good and healthy group of very diverse exhibitions on the calendar. Often times some more traditional museums think that they should focus on a particular artistic style and become experts in that field and become known for that particular genre. But there is threat in doing so. But if a museum or gallery only focuses on a particular scope of art work, then after only one or two poor performances and disappointing experiences by visitors it is very likely that they will not give you another chance. Because they will be thinking that the next exhibition will probably also be something similar and they may quickly start losing interest. This can totally destroy your reputation in the long run and although the rewards are high but the risks are also very high.

    Advantages of showcasing a diverse range of exhibitions

    Of course showcasing a diverse range of art work, styles and exhibitions is much more difficult for several reasons. Instead of only focusing on a few select areas, you have to keep yourself up to date with the latest trends and artistic styles in various areas which is obviously much more difficult. Another difficulty is to gain a reputation for a particular genre of artwork. But at the same time you do not face the risks that I mentioned above. Also if you change artistic styles frequently, there will always be something interesting and new for the visitors to see. And once you have created such a reputation, even if visitors do not like a particular exhibition, they will come back for the next exhibition knowing that it will probably be something totally different and possibly interesting.

    A great example of a museum that showcases a range of exhibitions is the Moco Musuem located at the Amsterdam Museumplein. From streetart to exhibitions in AR. This musuem is one of my personal all time favorites!

    Child cartoon themed exhibitions

    One really cool idea that I have for an exhibition is to make the theme child cartoons. Now this could be a graffiti mural painting exhibition, a sculpture exhibition, or anything else. What I think is particularly interesting about such a theme is that it creates a strong sense of Nostalgia for many people who are older. There is a familiar sense of playfulness, naivety, and childish ignorance in such a theme. This could be a very interesting bridge between the carefree happiness of our childhood and the responsibilities of adulthood and allow us to take time off and take a break from our hectic lives for a moment.